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Asian Noodle Soup
This is a delicious pho-like noodle soup that you can make in a few minutes. One variation is to add pre-cooked, shelled and deviend shrimp to the noodle boil. Another is to chop and add beef or pork to the stir-fry.

Category Entrée
Chef Jeremiah
Contributor Jeremiah
Last Update 2/19/2011 11:24:54 AM
Prep Time 10 min
Cook Time 15 min
Serves 2

arrow_right Noodles, 3 oz
 arrow_right Onion, 1 sm
 arrow_right Garlic, 1 clove
 arrow_right Cornstarch, 2 Tbls
 arrow_right Fish (or beef) broth, 1 10.5-oz can
 arrow_right Cabbage (or iceburg lettuce), 10 large leaves
 arrow_right Spinach, 10-or so leaves
 arrow_right Fish sauce, 2 Tbls
 arrow_right Soy sauce, 1 Tbls
 arrow_right Ground ginger, 1 tsp
 arrow_right Ground garlic, 1 tsp
 arrow_right Chives, 1 Tbls
 arrow_right Crushed red pepper flakes, to taste (opt.)
 arrow_right Salt, to taste

Cooking Instructions

 Roughly chop the onion and garlic
 Roughly chop the cabbage and spinach
 In small bowl, mix 1/4 cup water with cornstarch
 Stir in: fish sauce, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, chives, and crushed red pepper flakes
 Boil the noodles as directed
 Heat oil in a large sautee pan or wok.
 Sautee the onions and garlic, stirring constantly, about 5 minutes
 Add in the cabbage and spinach and continue stirring until leaves are slightly wilted.
 When noodles are done, drain and add to stir fry.
 Pour the sauce over everything and continue sauteeing until everything is well-mixed (about 5 minutes).
 Pour the broth over the stir-fry, cut the heat to low and let the broth heat up (about 10 minutes).
 Salt, to taste (if at all)

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