HTML Class - Fall 2002

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WWW Introduction
This chapter explains what the World Wide Web is. It explains the difference between a Web browser and a Web server. It also explains how a Web browser (like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) fetches and displays a Web page.

HTML Introduction
This section explains what HTML is and how HTML markup tags are used to format a Web page. You'll learn how to create an HTML file and how to view it in your browser. The section also explains how to view the source of an HTML document and gives you some basic guidelines for using HTML tags.

Basic HTML

HTML Elements
This page explains how HTML documents are made up of HTML elements and explains how HTML elements are defined using HTML tags.

Basic HTML Tags
Here you'll find a break-down of the most common HTML tags.

HTML Formatting
This page goes into detail about the various HTML formatting tags such as bold or italic text. It shows the text formatting tags, the computer output tags, the citation tags, the quotation tags, and the definition tags.

HTML Character Entities
Some characters have a special meaning in HTML, like the less than sign (<) that defines the start of an HTML tag. If we want the browser to actually display a less than sign, we have to use a character entity in the HTML source.

HTML Links
This page demonstrates HTML link tags. You will see how to insert and control the links on your page. (A mail link is also demonstrated).

HTML Frames
This section demonstrates HTML frame tags. You will see how to make vertical, horizontal, and mixed framesets.

HTML Tables
Here the tutorial demonstrates different HTML tables. It shows how to insert a table header, a table border, and an image in a table cell. It also shows how to define cells that span more than one row or column, and how to control the white space between the cell content and its borders.

HTML Lists
This section demonstrates different HTML lists. It shows different types of ordered and unordered lists. It also shows how you can nest lists in an HTML document.

HTML Fonts
This section demonstrates the HTML <font> tag. It shows how to change the font type and size of HTML text output.

HTML Images
This section demonstrates HTML image tags. It shows how to insert an image and how to align an image. It also shows how to create an image-map with click-able regions.

Advanced HTML

HTML Forms
This section demonstrates HTML forms and input tags. It shows how to create text fields, check-boxes, and radio-buttons. It also shows how to put the input fields in a form with a submit button. When the submit button is pushed the "user-input" is sent to another file.

HTML Styles
This section demonstrates HTML style tags. It shows how to use styles in an HTML document, and how to link to an external style sheet. It also shows how to define sections in a document.

This section demonstrates HTML header tags. It shows the different tags that go inside the head element.

This section explains the HTML meta tags. It demonstrates the use of meta tags for providing description and keyword information.

What's next?
This section explains how domain names work, how you can get your own and how you can use it to create your own web site (such as ""). It'll also provide links to related (and more advanced) tutorials as well as useful reference sites.

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