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Marchand de vin: Red Wine reduction sauce
The Marchand de Vin sauce is the classic red wine reduction sauce. It's made by reducing red wine and chopped shallots and then simmering in a basic demi-glace. The Marchand de Vin sauce is delicious served with roasts and steaks.

Category Sauce
Chef Danilo Alfaro
Contributor Jeremiah
Last Update 1/30/2016 5:44:42 PM
Prep Time 25 min
Cook Time 20 min
Serves 8

arrow_right Red wine, ½ cup
 arrow_right Beef broth, 2 cups
 arrow_right Shallots, ¼ cup
 arrow_right Bay leaf, 1 leaf
 arrow_right Thyme, 2 sprigs

Cooking Instructions

In a heavy-bottomed saucepan, combine the wine and shallots.
 Heat until the liquid boils, lower the heat a bit and add the bouqet d’herbes
 Simmer until the liquid has reduced by three-fourths.
 Add the broth, then lower heat to a simmer and reduce for about 5 minutes.
 Strain through a mesh strainer, season to taste with Kosher salt and black pepper.

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